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Meet our 2021 Speakers
Garrett Borgman 1.jpg

Garrett Borgman

Class of 2021

"Redefining masculinity: an approach to addressing hegemonic masculine 


Taylor 1.jpg

Taylor Calloway

Class of 2021

"Why you need a black

friend: shifting the way we socialize"

Safia 1.jpg

Safia Hattab

Class of 2021

"Why biases in healthcare

are more deadly than

illness itself"

Fr. Nick1.jpg

Fr. Nick Monco

Community Member

"Why searching for

religion can help your

mental health"

Claire 1.jpg

Claire Moore

Class of 2022

"From Plan A to Plan Z:

Living beyond Loeys-Dietz"

Michael 1.jpg

Michael Pineda

Class of 2021

"How to live through


Garett S TEDxHopeCollege photo.png

Garett Shrode

Class of 2022

"Urban Planning: A tool in

our Equity Toolbox"

Chris 1.jpg



Class of 2021

"How the advancement of technology is affecting


Jacob 1.jpg



Class of 2021

"How diet can combat the

climate crisis"

Mikayla 1.jpg

Mikayla Zobeck

Class of 2022

"Transracial adoptee

voices of love and trauma"

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