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Meet Garrett Borgman

Written by: Therese Joffre, Website Manager

Garrett is a senior here at Hope College and is from Holland, Michigan. He is pursuing a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology. His talk's title is "Redefining masculinity: an approach to addressing hegemonic masculine behaviors."

Garrett wanted to become a part of the TEDxHopeCollege Speaker team since he had a story that he wanted to share. He discussed this opportunity with a personal mentor, and how he could address the issue surrounding masculinity at Hope College. When TEDxHopeCollege was looking for speakers, it seemed like perfect timing and a wonderful platform to get his message out in a sophisticated and educative way.

TED and TEDx inspires Garrett due to their diversity of knowledge that is presented. Since he primarily studies the sciences, he isn't able to explore the issue of masculinity as much. This organization helped him have a reason to explore this other interest more. For Garrett, our theme turning the tables means "challenging a notion that the society doesn't have to be as black and white as we make it out to be." He is most excited to stand on stage in front of the audience and share his story and knowledge in order to initiate or continue the conversation of masculinity.

After graduation, Garrett will be taking a gap year to apply for medical school with the goal of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. His dream job would be Chief of Surgery at a hospital. In his free time, he loves to throw darts and will be joining a dart league in his gap year. His favorite TED talk is "The danger of a single story" by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Finally, he uses the app Twitter the most by scrolling endlessly though the feed.

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