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Meet Claire Moore

Written by: Therese Joffre, Website Manager

Claire is a current junior at Hope College from Springfield, Missouri. She is pursuing studies in economics, religion, and mathematics. Her talk's title is "From Plan A to Plan Z: Living beyond Loeys-Dietz."

Claire wanted to become a part of the TEDxHopeCollege Speaker team since she wanted to be involved in the sharing of amazing stories to the Hope College community. She wants to spread awareness and her own personal story pertaining to Loeys-Dietz Syndrome, especially because it is hard to find information on this condition.

The TED and TEDx organizations inspire her because each TED talk is unique and she finds each fascinating to watch. For Claire, our theme turning the tables means "being able to live beyond the constraints that life has handed you." She is most looking forward to hear her fellow speakers' presentations!

After graduation, she plans to work in economic research. Her biggest irrational fear is heights, which is funny since she is quite tall. Her favorite way to spend free time is getting coffee with friends. Something that she cannot live without is music, "there is a song for everything." Finally, the best choice that Claire has ever made is sharing her story and connecting with other through her blog and instagram, "Beyond This".

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