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2023 Executive board applications have closed and positions have been filled

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Executive Team Roles


The director creates, develops and leads the executive team in creating the TEDxHopeCollege event. Must be able to delegate, lead all team meetings, manage google folder and resources, motivate and inspire team members and community of the TEDxHopeCollege mission. Must equip the team with TEDx official resources/rules/expectations, and initiate cross-team communication and conversations. The Director will also aid each team member in making decisions and determine each of their goals.

Executive Producer: 

The executive producer manages the day-of production logistics within the stage space, which structures the whole outline of the event's production. The producer organizes the content production, stage management, technology, and video components of the on-stage portions of the event. The producer directs the production and audience experience, equips all necessary technology to speakers, and navigates all technological needs. Must also be able to prepare efficient presentation usage and a creative mindset in making a stage design. 

Event Manager: 

The event manager is in charge of managing the day-of event logistics outside of the main stage and ensures the event is running as smoothly as possible by crafting a "TEDx experience" for the guests. The event manager is the head planner of all merchandise, giveaways, catering and food, decorations, and art installations. Must be prepared to be the contact for the venue's staff and work with the financial manager on ticketing and registration needs. 

Financial Manager: 

The financial manager manages the TEDxHopeCollege's finances and develops an organized budget to maintain throughout the event planning and the event itself. Must be able to work with other team members in researching expenses. The financial manager will also be in contact with local businesses to secure sponsorships and raise money from those sponsors to be able to use for the event's expenses. Will work with the director and the event manager on defining ticket prices and budgeting. 


The Curator will initiate planning for the speaker audition process with the Lead organizer. They must lead this audition process, manage audition speaker information, and guide the executive team in each final speaker decision. The curator will be the point of contact between all speakers and the team, and help speakers plan and prepare for the speech alongside the Executive Producer. 

Marketing Lead: 

The marketing lead is in charge of designing a brand for the TEDxHopeCollege event, publicity, branding materials, and social media. Will promote the event to the public through frequent activity on social media as well as managing marketing around the college. The marketing lead will work with established Hope College communication channels to spread information about the event, while also ensuring that all communication adheres to the copyright requirements of the TEDx brand. 

Website Manager: 

The website manager is in charge of creating a website to maintain a strong outward appearance for TEDxHopeCollege. Will manage the website's blog and content, as well as its interactions with social media. The website manager will continue to update the website throughout the entire event process, keeping in mind and following the copyright rules of TEDx. 

Tech Lead: 

The tech lead is the bridge between the other tech and filming volunteers and the rest of the executive team. Will plan out how technology will be used to enhance the TEDxHopeCollege experience and deliver the best event possible. The tech lead will be in charge of managing the recorded footage and streaming. The Tech Lead will aid the executive producer in all of the production planning.


The videographer is responsible for all filming and developing videos of the planning process and actual event. The videographer will develop promotional videos. The Videographer will also edit and submit all final TEDxHopeCollege Talk videos after the event to the TED Media Uploader for publication on YouTube. 


Executive team for TEDxHopeCollege 2022

By: Rylee Thayer

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