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Meet Mikayla Zobeck

Written by: Therese Joffre, Website Manager

Mikayla is a junior here at Hope College and is from East Lansing, Michigan. She is pursuing a degree in business and biochemistry. Her talk's title is "Transracial adoptee voices of love and trauma."

Mikayla wanted to apply to become a TEDxHopeCollege Speaker because she has felt empowered by other leadership opportunities that Hope has given her. She has been encouraged by professors and mentors to become vulnerable and be vocal about her journey.

She wants to give a special thank you to Dr. Vanhemert, Jevon Willis, her therapist, and Matthew Summerfield for being so impactful and supportive on her journey.

An inspiring part of TED and TEDx for Mikayla is that the voices that are amplified are so powerful. She also believes these organizations provide an opportunity to practice the art of listening where one can learn about experiences, research and stories that change perspectives. For Mikayla, the theme turning the tables means "taking something once thought of and offering a new viewpoint or just completely flipping the table altogether." She is most excited to hear the other speakers. Taylor Calloway is one friend she is most excited to hear and share this experience with!

After graduation Mikayla plans to continue working for Dow Chemical after her internship in their Commercial Development Program this summer. Her ideal job is to have a position that intersects her chemistry studies and business studies in marketing or human resources. Her biggest fear is the dark and she likes to work out in her free time. She is most proud of her adoptive parents. They have always worked hard to grant Mikayla and her siblings opportunities all their life. Finally, she also is very proud of Matthew Summerfield who is strongest person she knows and is a powerful advocate for epilepsy.

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