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2023 Speaker Titles

Why did you want to be a speaker?

The speaker titles of TEDxHopeCollege 2023 have been revealed! 

We asked our speakers why they wanted to become a speaker, and you can read their responses as well as their titles down below!

Amadu Bah


Self-actualization as Black America's Greatest Power

Amadu wanted to become a speaker because he says "Many Black Americans have been taught, whether it be directly or indirectly, that inherent to their blackness is an inability to become the best version of themselves. My purpose for wanting to stand on stage is to inform and remind Black man that there are lies that we have been told, and that within us is the ability to reach self-actualization.

An Ha


Dear College Student

An wanted to become a speaker because she says "TEDxHopeCollege allows me the platform to share my story, and offer some insight to others facing homesickness too."

Andrea Hernandez


Uncovering the Invisible Difference of a

First-Generation College Student

Andrea wanted to become a speaker because she says "I think it is important to normalize the struggles to allow room for growth in oneself and grow as a community."

Claire Benedict


Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

Claire wanted to become a speaker because she says "I wanted to share what I've learned about the world and about myself as I've grown through college."

Lizzy Bassett


Shifting Students to Stakeholders Can Change the World

Lizzy wanted to become a speaker because she says "I had ideas I had yet to share. But more than anything, I just love public speaking more than I can express."

Isabella Mbabazi Musherure


The Journey Out of Silence: 

Bridging the Gap Between African Immigrants and Their Children

Isabella wanted to become a speaker as she says "Mental health advocacy in my community is something very close to my heart and I'm hoping that my insight will make people think and reflect."

Jack Wallace


Switching to Renewable Energy Whether You Like It or Not

Jack wanted to become a speaker to "educate people and move people towards accepting a more sustainable future."

Kelsey Sivertson


Understand Your Season

Kelsey wanted to become a speaker because she says "I'm fascinated by the art of speech writing and speech giving. I love its ability to powerfully communicate a good story."

Venecia Rodriguez


How my Family's Immigration Story Shaped Me as a Mexican American

Venecia wanted to become a speaker to "normalize the experience of coming from an immigrant family." She believes that "it is important for people who are immigrants or children of immigrants to feel represented and seen."

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