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Meet Jacob VanderRoest

Written by: Therese Joffre, Website Manager

Jacob is a senior at Hope College and is from South Haven, Michigan. He is majoring in chemistry with a geology minor. His talk's title is "How diet can combat the climate crisis".

Jacob decided to apply for the TEDxHopeCollege Speaker team because giving a TED Talk had always been on his list of lifetime goals. He thought this was an excellent opportunity to share information and advocate for something that he deems important.

The TED and TEDx organizations inspire Jacob because of all the speakers' confidence in presentations. He believes standing up on a stage and delivering a powerful message is beautiful and is looking forward to having such an opportunity. For Jacob, turning the tables means to "shift your perspective." He is most looking forward to seeing the stage on April 24!

After graduation, Jacob will be attending a chemistry PhD program at Colorado State University. His dream job would be to become the director of sustainability at a university. If Jacob could invent anything it would be running shoes that don't wear out. His favorite way to spend free time is discussing music, which makes sense since his most used app on his phone is Spotify. The best choice he ever made was joining his high school cross country team. This decision completely changed his life. Finally, he has listened to more than 800 albums and have run over 6,000 miles!

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