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Meet Chris Stamatopoulos

Written by: Therese Joffre, Website Manager

Chris is a senior at Hope College from Wheaton, Illinois. He is majoring in biomedical engineering. His talk's title is "How the advancement of technology is affecting community".

Chris wanted to become a part of the TEDxHopeCollege Speaker team since he believes it is "an excellent opportunity for Hope College to evolve in its ability to communicate ideas past the current structure of chapel and other religious settings." He thinks that by doing this, Hope will increase its ability to broadcast a diverse set of thoughts to its students.

TED and TEDx inspires Chris due to their professionalism. Usually the topics discussed are difficult to speak on, yet they are done with "class and accuracy". He hopes that this is what is executed in April. For Chris, our theme turning the tables means to "pop your bubble!" He is most excited for the moment he finishes his speech. He has put in lots of work this past year and is looking forward to celebrate this incredible event.

After graduation, Chris will be working as a project engineer for Stryker as part of the Advanced Operations Global Engineering Development Program. His overall aspirations beyond this is to become an entrepreneur as well as coordinate ways to give back to the community around him. His biggest irrational fear is cereal! Chris is most proud of his passion; the love and the hate. Something that he cannot live without is his watch and the best choice he's made is interning at his Uncle's company two summers ago. Finally, he loves to spend his free time hanging out with friends!

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