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Meet Garett Shrode

Written by: Therese Joffre, Website Manager

Garett is a junior at Hope College and is from Hamilton, Michigan. He is pursuing political science here at Hope. His talk title is "Urban Planning: A tool in our Equity Toolbox".

He wanted to become a part of the TEDxHopeCollege Speaker team because he wanted to share ideas that he is passionate about. He loves the idea of him and 9 other speakers sharing their passions and believes it will be a great experience.

He is inspired by TED and TEDx because these organizations are passionate about creating change and sharing transformative ideas. As a Hope College community member, being transformative is his way of giving back to an institution and community that have transformed him. He believes TED and TEDx gives people a platform to do just that. For Garett, the theme turning the tables means "changing your perceptions." He explains that the world we live in is multifaceted, thus our approaches to problems and ideas should be multifaceted as well. He is most excited to see the successes of the other speakers and joy that sharing their talk brings them!

After graduation, Garett will take a gap year with Americorps, and then plans to go to Grad school for urban planning. His dream job is to be President of a transit system in a major American city. Garett's biggest irrational fear is middle schoolers; he finds them very intimidating! He is most proud of his involvement in Student Congress and the change he has been able to be a part of. The best choice he has ever made is enrolling in Hope College! His favorite way to spend his free time is going on spontaneous adventures. Finally, Garett has been in Washington D.C. for the DC Honors Semester, and has been preparing his talk in DC but will be flying back for the event!

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