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Meet our Curator: Abria Franklin

Written by: Therese Joffre, Website Manager

Abria Franklin is a current junior at Hope College studying business and communications. She is from Detroit, MI. Aside from TEDxHopeCollege, Abria is the Student Ambassador for Student Development and Alumni and the chair of Public Relations for the BSU.

Abria's role on the team includes organizing and editing the speakers' speeches, working on format and delivery of speeches and is the overall point of reference for all of our speakers.

She joined the executive team because she wanted to be a part of something that she believed in and had a passion for. She believes that the power of creativity, freedom of thought and pushing mental walls are important attributes of TED and are vital for personal growth. One thing she finds most inspiring are the speakers who are bringing diverse perspectives to the table and the audience who are daring to live outside their own thoughts. Abria is most excited to see TEDxHopeCollege be unveiled for the first time!

One of her favorite TED talks is titled "Who are you, really? The puzzle of Personality" by Brian Little. Abria has an obscure talent of room/house decorating. One of her irrational fears is balled up hair and she would live in California if she could live anywhere.

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