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Meet our Website Manager: Therese Joffre

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Written by: Therese Joffre, Website Manager

Therese Joffre is our Website Manager on the TEDxHopeCollege executive team. She is a freshman at Hope College, pursuing a degree in chemistry/biochemistry. She is from Midland, MI. In addition to TEDxHopeCollege, Therese is on the cross country and track teams at Hope, is involved in research in both the chemistry and biology departments, volunteers at Holland Hospital, is a high school youth leader at Pillar Church and is a part of Hope Catholics.

Therese's role on the team works closely with the Marketing Lead and the Event Manager. Particularly this year, she created and designed our website, updates it and started a blog. Additionally, she helps with marketing and advertising our event throughout Hope's campus, as well as uploads event details like pictures and videos after the event occurs.

Therese joined the executive team because she supports the cultivation of open and constructive conversations where people can learn and grow with one another. Therese is most excited for the conversations discussing our speakers' talks! Our theme, "Turning the Tables" means "spreading ideas that bring change to the status quo" to Therese.

If Therese could give a TEDx talk on anything, she would discuss, as an adopted child, the idea that family is not defined by blood and the importance of a healthy family. An obscure talent of hers is wrapping gifts and one thing that instantly makes her day better a good laugh with friends. Finally, a skill she would like to master is guitar (in which she is 20% there).

If you have any questions for Therese about her role on our executive team, contact her by email at

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