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Meet our Tech Lead: Eric Salisbury

Written by Therese Joffre, Website Manager

Eric Salisbury is our Tech Lead on the executive team. He is a sophomore at Hope College and is majoring in chemistry. His hometown is Zeeland, MI. Other than being the Tech Lead, Eric is on the Track and Field team at Hope, does extensive organic chemistry research, is a part of the Arkie fraternity, plays the bass in the worship team and is on the morale squad for Dance Marathon.

Eric's role on the team works closely with the Production Manager to determine all the technical needs for our event. This includes sound, lighting, video, live streaming the event and post production videos. He also contacts professionals and organizes volunteers to aid with these duties.

Eric decided to join the executive team to help bring new perspectives to Hope's campus and to be creative with technology. He is inspired by the wide diversity in thought that is also backed up by science of TEDx organizations and events. Eric is most excited to hear each speaker's story and listen to what is most important to the students and staff at Hope College. Our theme of "turning the tables" means to Eric is presenting new or existing problems, ideas, or innovations from fresh perspectives.

If Eric were to give a TEDx Talk, he would discuss the craziness of organic chemistry and biochemistry. He would do demos and explain the many processes that happen within our bodies. An obscure talent that Eric has is drinking La Croix. If he could create a new invention he would invent the "Bread De-Butterer" which would take buttered bread and reverse the process in case you changed your mind. Finally, a skill he would like to master is riding a unicycle which he has currently made zero progress on.

If you have any questions for Eric about his role on our executive team, contact him by email at

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