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Meet Our Marketing Lead: Kylie Galloway

Written by: Therese Joffre, Website Manager

Kylie Galloway is a junior attending Hope College to study Communication with History and Spanish minors. She is from Loretto, Minnesota. In addition to TEDxHopeCollege, Kylie is the Assistant Director of Operations of Student Activities Committee, the Marketing Manager for NEA Big Read Lakeshore and a small group leader for Campus Ministries.

Kylie's role on the team is to manage our social media platforms, brainstorm and execute marketing campaigns, develop marketing material for both the Hope and Holland community and develop a strategic marketing plan.

She joined the executive team because she was inspired by TEDx's mission of "ideas worth spreading" and its goal to bring global ideas to a local stage. She believes it is very important to learn about each other's ideas and stories in order to grow as a community. She is most excited to bring global ideas to a local stage on campus! Kylie's interpretation of our theme of "turning the tables" is challenging the status quo to engage further discussion, thought and growth as a community.

If she could give a TEDx talk it would discuss the importance of travel and how it impacts a person's worldview and perspective since it allows for the witnessing of a diverse amount of people and interactions. Something that will immediately cheer up Kylie is coffee, especially from 205! Something that she is most proud of is living with chronic pain/an invisible disability. Finally, her biggest irrational fear is balloons!

If you have any questions for Kylie about her role on our executive team, contact her by email at

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