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Meet our Financial Manager: Marketea Abbott

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Written by: Therese Joffre, Website Manager

Marketea Abbott is our Financial Manager on our TEDxHopeCollege executive team. Marketea is a junior enrolled at Hope College who is pursuing a degree in social work. She is from Detroit, Michigan! At Hope, she is the student director for both the 1st Generation Student Union and Student Ambassadors.

Marketea's role on the team is managing the TEDx event's budget, connecting with our school for funding, building relationships with outside sponsors and recruiting others to be passionate and invested in our goal. Additionally, she sets up meetings and plans our purchases.

Marketea wanted to become a part of TEDxHopeCollege because she loves the multitude of topics that TEDx explores and allows for a diverse group of people to speak about what they are most passionate about. She is most excited about the new experience that we are creating for students since it is the very first TEDx event at Hope College. Our theme of "Turning the Tables" means "allowing space for those who may not always speak up to share their story and generating space for them to cultivate diverse thought amongst the Hope College community" to Marketea.

If Marketea were to give a TEDx talk on something it would be aging out of the foster care system. An obscure talent that she has is the ability to base one-man stunts! A new invention Marketea would create is a virtual pop-up closet so she could change her outfits anywhere she is. One thing she is most proud of is her nonprofit program, EMMANUEL, that is partnered with Bethany Christian Services. Finally, if she could live anywhere in the world, it would be Arizona or London.

If you have any questions for Marketea about her role on our executive team, contact her by email at

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