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Meet our Executive Producer: Eliseo Bustillos

Written by: Therese Joffre, Website Manager

Eliseo Bustillos is a junior at Hope College studying business. He is from Holland, MI. Eliseo is also involved in the Appropriations Committee, Concert Series, Latino Student Organization, and IM Sports.

Eliseo's role on the team is mainly shown on the day of our event. He makes sure speakers are in the correct order, make sure everyone is equipped with their technical needs, is in charge of the technological layout of the event and all the speaker's slides are in order.

He joined the executive team because he wanted to help shake the norms established here at Hope. He believes that our college is part of a "bubble" and TEDx is the needle that will pop the bubble and introduce different backgrounds to our campus. Eliseo is most excited to help students deliver a professional take on topics with deeper meanings. To him "turning the tables" means bringing a total shift to people's daily lives.

One of Eliseo's favorite TEDx talks is "Beatbox Brilliance" and if he could give a TEDx talk, it would be on the positive and negative effects of social media. An obscure talent of Eliseo's is making cricket noises. Something that he is most proud of is how much he had to overcome and fight through to get to the place he is today.

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