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 About TEDxHopeCollege

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On the west side of the state, Hope College resides in Holland, Michigan. TEDxHopeCollege is a student-led initiative, focused on challenging the status quo, starting conversations, and spreading new ideas with unique, thought-provoking talks by students and community members. It will be an event that cultivates an environment for open, ideological discourse, along with a deeper understanding and culture of listening. TEDxHopeCollege will return next year with a new theme and set of talks to step out of our comfort zones and into a conversation

TEDxHopeCollege's theme for 2022 was Every Single Day.

New ideas will be shared that instigate productive conversations within the community. Check out our event below!

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The TEDxHopeCollege event will create diverse discussions and our team is driven to showcase ideas worth spreading. 

The 2022 event was located in the Dewitt Theater in Dewitt at Hope College. 


Our Goals

  • To showcase the insight, talent, and knowledge of the Hope College community

  • To initiate conversations that promote deeper understanding and culture of listening

  • To challenge the comfort zones of the audience and share new ideas

  • To facilitate unity for the community through diversity in thought

  • To offer a deeper educational experience for all who attend

  • To create a fun and exciting holistic experience for attendees, speakers, crew and team

  • To create a space for true, ideological discourse where ideas can be shared freely. 

  • To embrace open thought and encourage creativity

3rd Floor of Bultman Student Center
2nd Floor of Bultman Student Center
Bultman Student Center
Schaap Auditorium
Jack H. Miller Center for Musical Arts
Jack H. Miller Center for Musical Arts
Inside Jack Miller
Science Center
Exec Team
Bultman Student Center
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